Entry #6

Sega Shorts Collab!

2008-01-27 15:15:04 by thewax70

Want to make a short for Sega Shorts? Simply make a short following the guidelines below.
I can't give a release date of the volume, sorry. The animators finish their work at random.

-----Requirements & Rules to join Sega Shorts-----
-No sprites or 3D videos
-Shorts must be decent quality visually
-Decent quality audio(if you need voice actors go here: LINK)
-No nudity
-No limit to number of people who can join
-Shorts can be up to a 2 minutes long or as short as you want.
-These are joke Shorts, not serious Shorts
-Flash resolution is 854x480, but if your animating in something other then Flash please have the resolution in 1920x1080
-Framerate is 30
-Default color background is white in flash
-No actionscript in flash since this is a video, but your welcome to use v-cam actionscript
-No Deadline right now, but we would like to have it out by the end of the year.
-Your Name or Logo on the top right of your short
-If your wondering if a certain game is allowed feel free to ask

Submitting your short:
Submit your short here for review: LINK
When 3 moderators or administrators of the SP forum approve your short you can send the .fla/Video to
You can use Newground's Dump System if you need a place to host your animation: NG Dump(requires log in)
-----Here is how I draw Sonic-----
Tutorial on deviantART

>-----Flash Completion:-----
Sega Shorts: Volume 1 - 13%
Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2 - 89%

-----Sites you will see me on-----
Sonic Paradox
Sonic Paradox on Youtube


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2011-10-09 02:14:11

Holy Shit 354 comments! Your cool


2011-10-14 21:35:50

Looking forward to sonic shorts volume 8. I love the series! :D


2011-10-16 15:25:40

CAN i be an animator or help im good at drawing sonic and objects!

thewax70 responds:

if you can animate a short, then sure.


2011-10-21 12:17:46

I have an idea for your shorts.Here it is:
sonic is dating amy in a fansy restaurant ,shadow is sneaking him and used his gun to transform sonic.When shadow transform sonic,sonic turn to Scourge.Apparently,that whas scourge disguise to sonic because he love amy.
Use it if you want.


2011-10-21 13:28:30

great job on sonic shorts. pretty big fan of that. did i mention you're epic?


2011-10-26 22:41:38

hey what program should i use so i can make movies like you ? or any good ones i am a good animator but i dont know what program to use.. please tell me!

thewax70 responds:

Adobe Flash Professional.


2011-10-28 21:20:22

Hey can you give me the website link, the program you use i want to download it please if you have time send it to me i want to start my own flash and maybe if i have time i will do a funny sonic short!


2011-10-29 19:11:03

can u plz show me how to make movies and stuff.u should make a movie of nyan cat its so funny XD and u should make a hole sonic movie.i chust wont to help ok : ).


2011-11-02 22:15:40

Man you must work really hard i got adobe flash cs3 and its really hard to make shorts ... but i wont give up. hey i got a question, what program do you use to draw sonic?

thewax70 responds:

Adobe Illustrator.


2011-11-04 16:55:22

ok wax, you and sonic paradox NEED to get your asses in gear. volume 6 was kinda a disapointmeint, It was good, but I know you guys can do better. volume 7 was a assload better. I think you need to get sonic paradox everywhere for these collabs. like Anywhere you can put it.


2011-11-08 10:01:29

um,another idea:
sonic is using chaos emeralds and suddenly...Poof!
The chaos emeralds makes a poop!


2011-11-08 16:43:06

hope the other animaters get done with their shorts because theirs not much to do


2011-11-12 12:15:22

ive decided to help but i will need voice actors. should i make the animation first then add voices or make the voices first and then do the animation.

also if anybody would like to help please pm me!

thewax70 responds:

I always do the animation first so I don't waste the voice actor's time if I stop on the project.


2011-12-02 20:27:31

i have a short for your next volume

thewax70 responds:

Feel free to send it to me.


2011-12-03 06:28:32

thewax70 i need you team from sonic paradox and make a annoucement to all people
IN NEWGROUNDS.COM that UMSBBFTG has a meeting called:Chaos Hedgehog Meeting
to all people IN NEWGROUNDS.COM.
(this note was from sapphirethehedgehogx)


2011-12-03 20:44:30

hy im migtrain i want to tell you if you can autorise me to traduce sonic short 7 to spanish


2011-12-11 11:23:21

Do you still work on Volume 8? It's still 50% by 2 months.


2011-12-23 00:48:47

Are you seriously going to help wax.But why aren't you finished with your Volume 8?And Sonic Dark Chaos part 2?And also when did you think of Ultimate Sonic?

thewax70 responds:

I have no idea what UMSBBFTG or Chaos Hedgehog is. Volume 8 will be completed when the animators finish their shorts, which is at random. As for Dark Chaos 2, I'm redrawing scenes I don't like which is why the percentage has not change.


2011-12-26 01:53:18

Its about the Future will end.The heros' greatest enemy.Nazo returns to face Sonic again.But there will be a force.A force that has never awaken 70 years ago and now your about to Face:The.........Ultimate............
.....Lifeform his name is..........


2012-01-05 20:25:39

Dude, I'm impressed that you have enough patience with some of these people.


2012-01-06 00:42:43

Of course I'm making a show you know.

thewax70 responds:

Well I can't help you animate it if that is what your asking me to do. All I can do is give tips.


2012-01-07 04:30:09

i really hate to say it. but......

rgx blocked me on youtube. tell him to unblock me


2012-01-08 21:31:56

Why would RGX do that?He makes the same kind of sonic like Wax does.And how do you start to draw Sonic without pencil and marker?!


2012-01-08 21:33:31

Wax you don't have to animate just do like still.

thewax70 responds:

Sorry, no.


2012-01-09 08:13:31

It's and Volume 9?


2012-01-10 20:19:18

Hey wax im starting to get better at drawing sonic but it sort of looks looks like yours when i put shading in it no problem right? Oh and do you have email so i can send you my short?

thewax70 responds:

Email is in my journal. You can also upload it to Newground's Dumping Grounds and then send me the link via PM.


2012-01-20 15:52:22

Do you still work on Volume 8?

thewax70 responds:



2012-02-02 11:53:58

In the shorts, what if we don't have a logo to place in the top right corner of the screen? Does their need to be a link to the author's website in the logo? What if the link was for a youtube page?

thewax70 responds:

If you don't have a logo we simply put your name there in a Sonic font. We've never had links to our user pages before though.


2012-02-05 19:22:23

I dont think my short will be ready before volume 8 comes out .. im bearly getting good at flash maybe i will wait for volume 9 i just do animation for fun :)


2012-02-22 16:54:46

you are soo cool i cant wait if Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2 is finished


2012-04-30 14:34:45

When is out Part 2?


2012-05-19 15:40:01

Do you still work on PArt 2?


2012-05-26 12:47:10

Oh man, come on with Volume 8 and Part 2


2012-06-23 20:56:40

Great,but theres one thing that makes me a bit depressed.Your pushing SSV8 out of the way and in stead doing other progects like part2 or sonic heros music video collab.at least make some progress with SSV8

thewax70 responds:

I have nothing else to do on Sonic Shorts other then wait for animators to finish they're shorts. So I have been working on Part 2 on my free time. Also the music video is already complete, we will be releasing it at the Summer of Sonic convention.


2012-07-06 17:02:11

When is out Sonic Dark Chaos Part 2?


2012-07-19 09:26:57

After sonic shorts 6 most of them sucked.


2012-07-19 14:33:20

PEOPLE, STOP ASKING ABOUT VOL.8 AND DARK CHAOS PART 2. THEWAX , AND THE SONIC PARADOX TEAM, ARE WORKING ON THEM. CHILL OUT. If you don't want to see another fake Sonic Shorts Volume such as SP: Sonic Shorts 8, then stop asking about Vol.8 and Dark Paradox pt2, because if you do, he's just going to make a parody of DC PT2 like he did with Vol. 8....and we all know how that's going to turn out....


2012-07-25 04:17:27

your awsome


2012-08-24 16:49:42

When do you finish with Part 2?


2012-09-10 13:08:30

alberto has right when its done!!!


2012-09-28 16:03:25

Hey Wax I need Some Voice Actors:

I need some for this Characters:
*Sonic The hedgehog
*Merlina The Wizard
*King Arthur
*Monster 1
*Monster 2
Those are Characters from: ''Sonic And The Black Knight'' If you find some people who would like to help me please reply, Thanks.

thewax70 responds:

You can get voice actors from the Sonic Paradox forum's audio section.


2012-10-07 01:55:40

one thing that seems strange is that the completion for SSV8 hasn't risen for a long time. have any of the animators sent in their shorts or have they all been busy (the primary ones that most commonly submit to the shorts).

thewax70 responds:

Can't really give you a straight answer on that. Each animator has a different reason.


2012-11-11 19:36:58

Takes a little long for volume 8 to come out Wax.Hey I think I'm getting good t making Sonic and Knuckles.I heard if Arnas (Fan-Character Maker) has more supporters he'll start a new Sonic Series.People are giving ideas for a new series.My series might be created.Go to Arnas's profile and see why he asking or supporters like me.


2012-11-17 17:02:22

Do you still work on SSV8 and Dark Chaos 2?


2013-01-02 02:56:35

maybe thewax70 died

thewax70 responds:

So I'm the walking dead?


2013-01-02 02:56:54

i mean thewax78


2013-01-06 18:12:40

I hope that you work again on Dark chaos 2.
When is out?


2013-01-07 01:21:57

cmon lets see the gross half of your face


2013-01-11 01:50:24

you are still alive


2013-02-10 15:13:40

thewax70 could you work more on sonic dark chaos part 2 ? cause it looks so awesomwe!!! plz reply and dont be angry at me ^^'

thewax70 responds:

Don't worry, I'm working on it, haha.