Entry #6

Sega Shorts Collab!

2008-01-27 15:15:04 by thewax70

Want to make a short for Sega Shorts? Simply make a short following the guidelines below.
I can't give a release date of the volume, sorry. The animators finish their work at random.

-----Requirements & Rules to join Sega Shorts-----
-No sprites or 3D videos
-Shorts must be decent quality visually
-Decent quality audio(if you need voice actors go here: LINK)
-No nudity
-No limit to number of people who can join
-Shorts can be up to a 2 minutes long or as short as you want.
-These are joke Shorts, not serious Shorts
-Flash resolution is 854x480, but if your animating in something other then Flash please have the resolution in 1920x1080
-Framerate is 30
-Default color background is white in flash
-No actionscript in flash since this is a video, but your welcome to use v-cam actionscript
-No Deadline right now, but we would like to have it out by the end of the year.
-Your Name or Logo on the top right of your short
-If your wondering if a certain game is allowed feel free to ask

Submitting your short:
Submit your short here for review: LINK
When 3 moderators or administrators of the SP forum approve your short you can send the .fla/Video to
You can use Newground's Dump System if you need a place to host your animation: NG Dump(requires log in)
-----Here is how I draw Sonic-----
Tutorial on deviantART

>-----Flash Completion:-----
Sega Shorts: Volume 1 - 13%
Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2 - 89%

-----Sites you will see me on-----
Sonic Paradox
Sonic Paradox on Youtube


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2010-02-28 03:03:46

Are you getting anoyed because people won't bothering you about the shorts and stuff? NOT ONE BIT AGITATION?!


2010-03-01 18:45:11

Thewax70!what are all the video or games you made?And the next I`ll say is,YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO awesome AND YOUR EVEN SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!Yahoo yahoo yahoo.why does so munch people look at your newgrounds account??huh,huh,huh. is it that your famous? is it that your someone spcial?


2010-03-16 22:34:56

umm wax if u're still reading comments are u still updating the percentage of the sonic shorts 6 here? it's been in 70% for quite some time now man...

thewax70 responds:

All the other animators are too busy or too lazy to work on their parts. My parts are all done for it.


2010-03-17 21:31:46

i know there is no realease date but if there was when do you think it would come out?

thewax70 responds:

5 months ago...


2010-03-21 23:04:44

is midnightmaren aprt of this callab (oh and nice one wax XD)


2010-03-23 16:32:43

How close are you to finishing?


2010-03-24 10:58:41

first of all AWESOME WORK on the Sonic Shorts, Sonic Dark Chaos, Sonic Tribute Collab, etc.
I just wanted to know who drew the Tails Doll in all the shorts, i think the creepiest is the one in SSV2

anyway AWESOME job on everything cant wait for Sonic Shorts V6


2010-03-26 15:06:24

Wow is 75%.


2010-03-26 18:05:26

Yes, Dark Chaos part 2! Man, I guess it's been a while sense the first one huh?


2010-03-26 20:19:55

how far are you with sonic halo 2????????? because that was EPIC :D


2010-03-27 10:29:00

what was your mission put tails doll in every sonic shorts.
scared peoples or what? (yes it's me and yes i'm annoying)

oh and when flash under judgement what they must not contain


2010-03-27 14:28:36

your shorts are the best


2010-04-02 23:56:50

You don't have to respond. I wont ask about release dates.

Are both parts of 6 being released simultaneously or one at a time?


2010-04-03 00:20:01

You said that you're done making all YOUR shorts, but you're waiting for the others, well, have you ever thought that the others have completely forgot about this?

(Updated ) thewax70 responds:

They keep me updated.


2010-04-03 13:48:55

Holly you draw sonic very very good so good that it could come to real life!!!


2010-04-04 12:57:21

Wow!I went on your website.I wish we could be friends.:)


2010-04-04 18:31:47

Are you guys alive out there....


2010-04-05 14:45:14

Oh,Watch Super Mario Bros Z Eps.8So 'n AWesome.<(^o^)>!!!!!!!Gucka!IWhat do you look like in real life!


2010-04-07 17:00:04

Do you even like doing this anymore... i mean it doesnt benefit you in anyway, and its just for others to enjoy and you cant make money off of it because it belongs to someone already... so whats the point.

thewax70 responds:

I like animating Sonic, its fun. I don't care about benefits like money; I have a actual job for that. I do this just for fun, nothing else.


2010-04-10 15:26:09

I Like Your Sonic Collab Very Much It Is Funny.


2010-04-11 10:24:30

<BEEP>BEEP>Everything By Everyone Rocks the most,All of your other videos Sucks!


2010-04-11 16:55:01

Hello,Where is Dark chaos 2!! >:(


2010-04-12 15:27:35

What's the program called at the beginning?


2010-04-14 18:33:25

your vidios are AWESOME


2010-04-16 19:58:47

can you make sonic shorts 6.


2010-04-17 08:01:03

i love sonic shorts


2010-04-17 16:10:24

you are the best.


2010-04-17 16:11:19

thewax70 can i be you frend


2010-04-19 19:33:01

Wax70 how about PMing your animators that are not finished.Then realese a demo cause your losing fans dude.
How about the demo is like 5 shorts?

thewax70 responds:

1. The animators that are not finish are on the Sonic Paradox forum a lot so why bother PMing them? They already know that its taking forever.

2. A demo? At least half the shorts are submitted to deviantART by the actual animators before the release of volume 6 so why bother?


2010-04-22 10:58:01

i know a guy with an account name: ihatesonic1 XD


2010-04-22 15:53:58

You're all a bunch of fakers!


2010-04-22 16:56:54

YO what is knuckles weakness in <insVolume 6ins>


2010-04-23 10:47:43

In case you don't know...
Your Sonic Paradox site is having a few bugs. A such:
1. Your "Wallpaper" link leads back to the Enter screen.
2. "Main Projects", "Solo Projects", and "Extras" endlessly load.

Think you can fix that?

thewax70 responds:

The site has issues if you have a slow connection. Its a error in flash.


2010-04-23 16:16:22

Why is still 75%?

thewax70 responds:

Some animators are busy/lazy/have actual lives.


2010-04-29 17:48:09

Talk and chat about paradoxes how many sonic shorts had been submit,
What File.swf do you use when you make a flash?

thewax70 responds:

I have know idea what you mean.


2010-04-29 17:49:44



2010-04-29 17:51:03

Sorry about the <ins>___</ins> I was trying to use HTML on reviews.


2010-05-01 23:20:36

Hey Can I Join The Sonic Paradox Team ?

thewax70 responds:

What can you do?


2010-05-02 14:56:37

just 2 questions. who are the people who still havent finished their shorts and when did you think it was ment to come out.......?


2010-05-07 09:31:26

Your tutorial on devianART on How To Draw Sonic was very good!


2010-05-11 16:45:17

Woah!192 comments on you're POST!!


2010-05-11 22:42:55

Plz tell me what the heck the 11:25 means when you click the poorly drawn vector in knuckles briefs. plz im to scared to click that at 11:25 P.M. just in case... plz tell me b4 i have nightmares about the knux doll eating me D:

thewax70 responds:

Eleven Twenty Five
Now convert those three into letters.
Knuckles the Echidna


2010-05-12 18:59:45

:O i wish i had this many comments i got 1 when will sonic shorts volume 6 come OUT


2010-05-13 15:35:20

wow...big sonic fan..just like me^^


2010-05-18 20:23:40

Have you ever thought about adding medals to the Sonic Shorts 6? Like Street Fighter Collab?


2010-05-19 14:53:13

il do my best to make a flash ive got some pretty good ideas and il email it was soon as possible:)


2010-05-19 19:03:53

Hey, THESE COLLABS ARE AWESOME,But one thing this might I SAID MIGHT!!!!!!!! Piss you !@#$ing off but will The dark chaos thing or whatever the hell it's called have like these guys talking or what.... anyway love the collab (saying THE cause I Know it took a lot of [Bleep!]in people to make them or What!) so Um....if it's O.K with you... could I like I KINDA Have a job on here: it's making post on crap that people wanna hear Um.. so Dude could like you send me some like of your favorite stuff and i will post about it! And OH! uh.. could like you um.. send me crap about whats goin on This stuff and likesend me your favorite stuff on here and stuff Because I'm like your number 1 [bleep!]in fan, thanks Really like it if we could be sort of freinds or what the [BLEEP!] u call it!,Thanks Oh and like um.. If u can ask the other people that helped you make sonic shorts tell me their favorite/least favorite things so i can be their freinds on here to,Thanks-it's been nice talkin about this but like i said: I sorta have A JOB on here!

thewax70 responds:

Sorry but I couldn't understand all of that.


2010-05-21 13:51:08



2010-05-21 19:31:04

Wax I know you said you won't be ANSWERING any more questions about sonic shorts 6 but is it even coming out? We've been waiting for quite some time now and I'm starting to ask myself if it's coming out...


2010-05-21 20:52:01

I Subscribed to your youtube account! :D