Entry #6

Sega Shorts Collab!

2008-01-27 15:15:04 by thewax70

Want to make a short for Sega Shorts? Simply make a short following the guidelines below.
I can't give a release date of the volume, sorry. The animators finish their work at random.

-----Requirements & Rules to join Sega Shorts-----
-No sprites or 3D videos
-Shorts must be decent quality visually
-Decent quality audio(if you need voice actors go here: LINK)
-No nudity
-No limit to number of people who can join
-Shorts can be up to a 2 minutes long or as short as you want.
-These are joke Shorts, not serious Shorts
-Flash resolution is 854x480, but if your animating in something other then Flash please have the resolution in 1920x1080
-Framerate is 30
-Default color background is white in flash
-No actionscript in flash since this is a video, but your welcome to use v-cam actionscript
-No Deadline right now, but we would like to have it out by the end of the year.
-Your Name or Logo on the top right of your short
-If your wondering if a certain game is allowed feel free to ask

Submitting your short:
Submit your short here for review: LINK
When 3 moderators or administrators of the SP forum approve your short you can send the .fla/Video to
You can use Newground's Dump System if you need a place to host your animation: NG Dump(requires log in)
-----Here is how I draw Sonic-----
Tutorial on deviantART

>-----Flash Completion:-----
Sega Shorts: Volume 1 - 13%
Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2 - 89%

-----Sites you will see me on-----
Sonic Paradox
Sonic Paradox on Youtube


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2009-11-19 23:11:53

yeah how do you animate?

thewax70 responds:

With flash cs3.


2009-11-24 16:38:07

I can honestly say I'm gonna miss this series. It was reall fun while it lasted, and once I started reading the sonic comics, it made even more sense at some points. The jokes are all extremely funny, and some of them really made me think of my days of playing sonic in my youth. Oh wait. I'm still in that. Make that in my earlier youth. Like the double springs thing. I always hated those. I would fall in and always jumped out into the wrong direction. but I'm rambling. Other jokes I loved: the chloroform joke, and sonic being gay with tails. Honestly, that wouldn't surprise me more than 50% shocker. I mean, tails IS younger. In closing. Awesome series, and may it's memories live on to the final days of Newgrounds. If there is one.


2009-11-25 19:23:31

Awsome drawnings you got!!!1


2009-11-26 15:33:30

How epic is Volume 6 gonna be? :D


2009-11-29 00:49:06

This looks pretty empty for quite a while. I wonder how long you guys progressed on the shorts?

Anyways, great job with the previous shorts. They simply made me LOL and I am now anticipating for Part 6 to come out. I wish I could animate but I don't have Illustrator or Flash knowledge to do it, plus I am not that great with drawing. Hehe, later and best of luck to your future collabs.


2009-11-29 00:50:52

Oh, and ignore the 1st paragraph of my previous comment. I thought this was going in reverse chronological order. Hehe, sorry for any misunderstandings.


2009-11-30 18:49:40

So Wax... after the shorts are done which one will u continue?

thewax70 responds:

Dark Chaos


2009-11-30 21:12:54

i like the shorts alot


2009-12-05 19:15:48

Dark Chaos? cool I loved that one


2009-12-08 01:37:34

w00t 112th comment yay..... anyway i was wondering when ssc6 would be realesed i saw your post but its december lol

thewax70 responds:

no release date


2009-12-08 19:50:48

Guys stop asking for the release date for the shorts 6 just be patient it will come out but enjoy it since it's gonna be the last one


2009-12-13 15:44:22

How about when you get to your last sonic shorts flash you can ask newgrounds to make a dvd of it to remember all the laughs we had while watching it. (and so we won't be bored during a road trip or just for entertainment.


2009-12-19 13:34:44

Why is 70%, Sonic Shorts Volume 6?
When is more ?
Is december.

thewax70 responds:

Don't ask me, ask the other animators.


2009-12-21 17:20:41

When is released Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2?

thewax70 responds:

no release date.


2009-12-22 10:50:44

But Sonic Halo 2?

thewax70 responds:

Won't work on that until the Dark Chaos series is done.


2009-12-22 10:52:28

But when is out Sonic Shorts Volume 6?

thewax70 responds:

no release date


2009-12-22 14:29:42

how do you draw chaos so good?

thewax70 responds:



2009-12-25 10:56:04

i am a fan of ur work nd i would just want to say i hope u have a merry christmas and a happy new year

thewax70 responds:

Merry Christmas :)


2009-12-26 12:04:13

I love them all! You are ihe best animater in all of newgrounds!


2009-12-26 14:27:50

When is progress in Sonic Shorts Volume 6?

thewax70 responds:

No release date, progress percentage is in the post.


2009-12-26 14:28:34

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2009-12-27 16:53:15

But Progress is 70%.
I want Sonic Shorts Volume 6 - 90% or 100%.


2009-12-27 17:34:01

And Sonic RPG eps 9 when is out? by MidNightMaren.


2009-12-28 16:59:52

Everytime I see Everything by Everyone, I remember why I love newgrounds


2009-12-29 18:41:24

when?when wil it be done! my intention span cant take it much longer if you know what i mean ....... oh just take your time


2009-12-31 21:59:41

could i have your opinion on my art submissions


2010-01-03 00:52:49

what file type?


2010-01-03 16:10:45



2010-01-03 20:50:28

I saw that Helium short you did. If it made it into shorts 6, would there be finished voice-acting? I could see Rina-Chan as Amy, and it's obvious that Gamebuddy is Sonic.

thewax70 responds:

That was a unfinished Sonic Short, I'm not planning on using it.


2010-01-05 20:34:52

Dudes and ettes When u ask when is is coming out and he tells you the answer dont keep asking its spamming and when u say u want it to come out sooner its retarded because you cant rush masterpeices


2010-01-09 15:11:45

The person above me is so right,dont rush! That just ruins the fun! :)
Oh and are you planning to make a Sonic Halo 3? Cuase theres 3 parts of Halo


2010-01-13 22:59:59

when you make the collab...please for gods sake! No tails doll!! Its starting to get scarier and scarier each volume.....im cold....


2010-01-14 20:17:50

yo,that sonic stuff you do is the f***ing BOMB!you are pimped out to the maxx!you are r R R R!!!! a man that can make a video that makes me laugh my a** off!you are one funny son of a b****!!!you sure can make my day.i got ancounts @ youtube and @ google.my Email is p.argoe@Gmail.com.send sometime.alright see ya.


2010-01-16 10:13:18

Thewax70, shit, shit to be, you have not worked nothing on Sonic Shorts Volume 6 of October 2009. You are very liar, idiot.

thewax70 responds:

I'm done my shorts for the Sonic Shorts. I'm waiting for the other animators to finish their shorts.


2010-01-17 09:29:23

see this is exactly what im talking about. YOU CAN'T RUSH MASTERPEICES!


2010-01-18 00:56:50

Hey Wax it's OS Demon Hunter from Xbox Live, are you going to add the Tails Doll in Sonic Shorts 6?

thewax70 responds:

He appears at least once every time.


2010-01-18 07:49:49

Yeee!!!! Finally 6th part is going to come out :) I've been waiting so long, good job guys, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!


2010-01-25 10:29:58

I can't wait !


2010-01-26 10:38:10

get done with it already

thewax70 responds:

I'm done my shorts for Volume 6. I'm waiting for the others to finish.


2010-01-30 08:57:14

i know your done but get fineshed already every one said it would be done 6 months ago just tell me when it will be done ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


2010-02-05 02:45:54

Oh man, filled up again? Might be time to nuke the comments again.
That Alberto66 is bordering on spammer status; so much impatience from just ONE kid :\
Anyone over 20 is old to these teens, correct one, and they flip out, put one in their place or prove them wrong, and they turn 'emo' and make a myspace, almost makes me want to destroy the world that much more XD

Just give up you guys, it's not coming out, try back in April :P


2010-02-05 06:33:59

When is out, Sonic Shorts Volume 6?
NOW IS FEBRUARY. And is still 70%. o_O


2010-02-05 12:44:26

I know you must get REAAALLY tired of hearing this but when do you reckon you will be continuing Sonic Halo or Dark Chaos, just wondering?


2010-02-07 10:49:33

i know this isnt your fault that it has been about 7 months since volume 5 came out...... but who are the other animators that did not finish? they r the ones who are making it late cos youve alredy done your shorts


2010-02-07 23:12:02

OMG I KNOW WHAT 11 20 5 MEANS!! KTC! Knuckles The Echidna!!! K.T.C! lol,just want to give the answer out,lol.


2010-02-17 16:50:33

please tell who ever person that is not done with the sonic shorts volume 6 to get done because some times fans go on blaming riots !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-02-23 19:27:18

Tell me when its part 2 for sonic dark chaos is coming and i will tell u all sonic robots.agree!

thewax70 responds:

no release date


2010-02-24 17:33:33

love ur vids,i laugh my ass off!


2010-02-27 12:19:06

hello,my name is sonic 1 minates later... what are these robots doing here??!!"9090"said mecha sonic."super bap"said metal sonic."hyper beameremeras soul"said metal overlord.super runnereme''said solar mecha.sonic:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what are you doing bom arrrgghh.narator:wow!he turn into hyper.all sonic robots:a a a a a I raise.sonic:told ya told ga crackeracy.


2010-02-27 13:42:48

It's nice to know that you thought about splitting the collab in 2 just to save some memory. I like it because since this will be the final entry in this series, you wanted to leave with a big bang, and to let everybody who participated in this series to have most of their animations in it, instead of leaving a big chunk out and had them to do if for almost nothing. (we can see the ones that didn't make it in their website) So, I hope this will be one of your most succesful and most well known projects in your career, as well as for the contributers as well.