Entry #6

Sega Shorts Collab!

2008-01-27 15:15:04 by thewax70

Want to make a short for Sega Shorts? Simply make a short following the guidelines below.
I can't give a release date of the volume, sorry. The animators finish their work at random.

-----Requirements & Rules to join Sega Shorts-----
-No sprites or 3D videos
-Shorts must be decent quality visually
-Decent quality audio(if you need voice actors go here: LINK)
-No nudity
-No limit to number of people who can join
-Shorts can be up to a 2 minutes long or as short as you want.
-These are joke Shorts, not serious Shorts
-Flash resolution is 854x480, but if your animating in something other then Flash please have the resolution in 1920x1080
-Framerate is 30
-Default color background is white in flash
-No actionscript in flash since this is a video, but your welcome to use v-cam actionscript
-No Deadline right now, but we would like to have it out by the end of the year.
-Your Name or Logo on the top right of your short
-If your wondering if a certain game is allowed feel free to ask

Submitting your short:
Submit your short here for review: LINK
When 3 moderators or administrators of the SP forum approve your short you can send the .fla/Video to
You can use Newground's Dump System if you need a place to host your animation: NG Dump(requires log in)
-----Here is how I draw Sonic-----
Tutorial on deviantART

>-----Flash Completion:-----
Sega Shorts: Volume 1 - 13%
Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2 - 89%

-----Sites you will see me on-----
Sonic Paradox
Sonic Paradox on Youtube


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2009-06-26 16:59:12

700 comments on this place

thewax70 responds:

I went ahead and deleted them all. Apparently I went past the journal comment limit because I couldn't see the latest comments. I deleted comments on this journal twice before so in total I have deleted over 1100 comments.


2009-06-27 05:55:22

wow thats alot of coments. this callab is realy getting getting out there, but i dont think it will go back to 700 at the same rate that it did before.


2009-06-27 12:17:01

Is my computer Hacked? All the comments are gone

thewax70 responds:

I deleted all of them.


2009-06-27 15:25:39

hey dude wats the estimated time from now until sonic shorts vol.6 is released

thewax70 responds:

There is no release date, I keep the percentage updated in the journal, that is all I can do for you.


2009-06-28 04:32:06

hey wax70! glad to see you can see the comments now and im glad to see the items ur working on are making progress.....you do great sonic parodies and not to mention that the "everything by everyone" won over the other people who decided to look at it. congratz on being so loved on NG, good luck on future projects!


2009-06-28 17:03:49

what program do you use

thewax70 responds:

Adobe Illustrator to draw, Adobe Flash CS3 to animate.


2009-06-29 22:12:12

hey i just want to know

will there be a sonic unleashed parody short in the sonic shorts collab?

thewax70 responds:

I don't know, up to the other animators.


2009-07-01 15:52:34

How many shorts have been submitted already?

thewax70 responds:

You mean for Volume 6? 18 shorts; 10 of which have been approved, the others are under judgment. Also still have more in production.


2009-07-01 19:27:24

hey man wow finally u erased thoe 700 comments but hey ho many shorts will be in sonic shorts volume 6?

thewax70 responds:

We "try" to put around 20 in each volume.


2009-07-03 15:16:11

What if one of the shorts didn't pass judgement? do you replace it with one of your own or do you look for someone else?

thewax70 responds:

Whenever one does not get approved the animator makes another short or we get another animator.


2009-07-04 00:46:56

So i cant participate :S i wanna make my first flash, or a help


2009-07-06 16:36:49

do i have to supply the fuz if i submit a short, and what about bleep noises?

thewax70 responds:

I will supply the fuz and bleep noises.


2009-07-06 16:43:11

oh and i too have a deviant art page (its not very good though)


2009-07-07 15:54:43

i love your animations!!!can you make sonic shorts volume 6 and sonic halo 2?can amy appear in sonic halo 2?


2009-07-08 21:43:04

i'm happy that you're very succesful here, but me? i don't even have anyone to talk to. so i might close my account in a few days


2009-07-11 19:26:41

Are you working on any of the flashes in particular or are you spreading your focus across all of them atm? thanks for spending time to read this :D

thewax70 responds:

Well I myself am done my short for Volume 6 and have been working on Dark Chaos 2. Dark Chaos 2 was around 40% last month and now its 65% complete.


2009-07-11 20:40:12

hey wax u guys are having some problems? the percetage is th same for months man... or are u doing everything at once?

thewax70 responds:

The percentage does not count "under judgment" shorts. We just haven't got around to approving them, for example we just made 3 shorts the past 2 weeks but they are not approved yet so the percentage stays.


2009-07-12 13:06:01

Hey hows it going Can you check out my drawing? http://perfectedidiot2.newgrounds.com /


2009-07-14 15:07:04

I'd like to give u one short soon) If u want it)

thewax70 responds:

Sure, send it.


2009-07-18 00:47:27

Wow man i saw your logo at a photo site nice work.

Keep up your work maybe it well be seen on tv.

thewax70 responds:

A photo site?


2009-07-20 01:05:34

i think he means deviant art :p


2009-07-21 02:45:49

God i cant wait for the 6th to come out any estimates?

thewax70 responds:

There is no release date so it will come out at random.


2009-07-21 03:11:41

You know a place were you can find photos of anythimg He this is were i found it at http://images.google.com/images?hl=en &q=sonic+photos&um=1&ie=U TF-8&ei=C2plStaZJIWgsgPvxJ3tDg&am p;sa=X&oi=image_result_group&

thewax70 responds:

oh, google, lol.


2009-07-21 12:13:04

Hey Wax, I heard that their remaking the "Full Metal Alchemist" series called "FMA: Brotherhood". It's still in its Sub state so expect Japanese language. Here's the link to it on You-Tube.
http://www.youtube.com/show?p=cfjHtZ1 gVmw

thewax70 responds:

I already knew about it.


2009-07-22 21:57:25

Dude,those videos your making and you made,i liked them all! Expectely sonic shorts lol! My friends loved them! Im a sonic fan,names Avascar lol! hope sonic halo 2,sonic shorts volume 6,and sonic dark chaos part 2 is AWESOME!!!


2009-07-23 17:43:31

Hey wax how do you do all of those flash movies you made? And the voices,hows do you make them like it really hears like sonic? Cause i was about to make a movie im going to make and um...Messege me those cause i dont want you to have to many commets lol! Well hope you messege me on how to make a movie!


2009-07-28 20:04:26

When are you gonna submit volume 6?

thewax70 responds:

it will come out at random


2009-07-28 21:59:42

I have a little question about your work : I saw on SP Livestream channel some videos of you drawing a flash about the old school SatAM Sonic, so I was wondering if you're planning to upload it here or on dA when you're finished ?

Also, I gotta thank you because seeing so much of your streamings will sure help me to learn how to correctly draw Sonic =)

thewax70 responds:

The SatAM Sonic is for Sonic Shorts so you will see that here eventually.


2009-07-29 06:03:20

Ok, thanks for answering me, and good luck for your projects =)


2009-07-29 11:54:52

Tell me why you are gana finish your sonic shorts collab man you make funny video you willl give up to the 6 man that sucks i was thinking you gana finish when it gos to 10 but it will finish 6 T_T man i will never see funny sonic thing's agian well it that will be PS: you make good sonic thing's =D i wish i know how to draw like you so i will continue the sonic shorts collab well see ya o ya i add you to fav


2009-07-31 13:13:24

are in progress of making Sonic shorts volume 6


2009-07-31 16:10:16


thewax70 responds:

It will come out at random.


2009-08-02 16:48:20

Don't listen to these guys wax just focus in making volume 6 the best one


2009-08-03 14:12:51

how should I go about sending you and the rest of the team an Idea?

thewax70 responds:

Go to our forum. We have a ideas topic.


2009-08-03 17:48:53

in sonic shorts volume 3 at the end of the credits the girl is holding the creepy tails doll u should make a seperet flash from what happens next


2009-08-05 18:43:44

SoOoOo, any release dates for, well... anything?

thewax70 responds:

no release dates


2009-08-05 20:32:19

how do you react to these comments about a certain doll resembling Tails?

thewax70 responds:

Death from above...DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!


2009-08-07 06:23:50

Just asking, how will you cope with the phony volume 6 that was made?

thewax70 responds:

Don't worry about it.


2009-08-09 13:19:11

Not much progress :-/


2009-08-11 03:25:26

just asking.have you made any progress on any of your projects?

(Updated ) thewax70 responds:

The Sonic shorts have been making progress, I only update the percentage here when the new shorts are approved by the admin and mods from are forum. We just haven't got around to approving all of them.

Sonic Dark Chaos 2 has slowly been making progress too.


2009-08-13 17:43:35

Hang on, is the order going to be Sonic Shorts 6, Sonic Tribute 2, Dark Chaos 2 and Sonic Halo 2, right. Or am I wrong?

thewax70 responds:

There is no order for each release.


2009-08-13 17:44:07

Sorry, few typos there.


2009-08-13 19:59:17

Ok, thanks. I was just going on percentages of completion and popularity of the flashes there.


2009-08-14 17:35:05

You should put the answers to the redundant questions about next releases on this journal entry...
That may save you of having the same question asked billion of times :P


2009-08-14 19:50:43

why the last 1?


2009-08-20 01:35:30

*sigh* All good things must come to an end. Even the sonic shorts. Well, I hope that this will be the best one. :D


2009-08-21 01:43:50

no more after volume 6? why not? i love the sonic shorts, they're so funny! why stop after 6? you ould go to 10, 20, or even 50! (well ok thats a little much hehehe)
but still, only 6? just saying...your series is so awesome, so why make only 6 and stop there?


2009-08-21 20:10:32

Did I send you any Demo?

thewax70 responds:

I don't think you did.


2009-08-25 15:50:53

ive been trying to get on sonic paradox buy it just keeps saying "Windows Cannot Display Webpage" can you fix the web site cause my computer wallpaper turned black and i want to change it back

thewax70 responds:

The website's server goes down every once and awhile. Its back up.


2009-08-26 17:57:38

Ive been seeing some of the animaions for sonic shorts volume six and they are awsome are you going to do a animation aslo?

thewax70 responds:

Yes, I will have a short for 6.