Sonic: Dark Chaos PT2

2007-11-14 12:03:41 by thewax70

So far Sonic: Dark Chaos PT2 is coming along nicely. I just finished the first battle of the movie and I must say I am very pleased with it. The battle is between Sonic and Swatbots, they were Robotnik's army in the old Sonic cartoon show. The battle is 1 minute 30 seconds long.

Now I am working on the 2nd battle, Sonic vs. Silver Sonic II. This battle is going to be my favorite battle of the entire Dark Chaos series. It will be around 2 minutes long and will be the main battle for part 2.

Flash Completion:
Sonic:Dark Chaos Part 2- 30%
Sonic Tribute Collab 2- 75%
Sonic Halo:Part 2: 10%

Sonic: Dark Chaos PT2


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2007-11-14 12:20:00

Dude you really have the most skills in drawing Sonic! He looks exactly as the one of the Anime and the games!

thewax70 responds:

Thanks, that means a lot. ^^


2007-11-14 12:25:41

did you paint that picture by yourself??

thewax70 responds:

Yes, I did it in Adobe Illustrator and Flash. Glad you like it. ^^


2007-11-14 13:03:31

Please, forget about the halo part and proced with the others.... at least, give them priority XD (I don't like halo, but I loved what you did with "Full Metal Sonic" and "SDPT1").

thewax70 responds:

Sonic Halo 2 is currently last on my list. I'm concentrating on Dark Chaos.


2007-11-14 14:15:46

What kind of Input do you use for drawing.. Your drawings are amazing good work.

thewax70 responds:

I draw with a mouse, I don't use any tablets or scanners. I draw in Adobe Illustrator, there is something called Pen tool which makes it easy to draw.


2007-11-14 16:15:18

Sweet!! Awsome trailer pic!!!
Anyway everyday i look forward to seeing your finil product of Dark Chaos 2 it's an awsome seires with amazing animation, i would be surprised if i wasn't under the sonic section (which it obviously is)
Alrighty then see ya and good luck on the flash

p.s thanx a lot for adding me to the credits!! i'm really greatful ^^; i just do love to help in any way i can XD


2007-11-14 22:46:52

I look forward to this. I like the way you use the coloring and I like the preview pic looks good enough to be the cover of one of the games.

p.s Is Shadow in this one?

thewax70 responds:

Yes, Shadow and Tails will make a appearance in part 2.


2007-11-15 21:39:18

Looking forward to this! Is Robotnik styled the old SatAM way too? Either way, I can't wait to see Silver Sonic II fight with Sonic. ^_^ (glee!)

thewax70 responds:

I won't be making Robotnik in SatAM style, though I do perfer that version, lol.
Looking forward to your next flash. ^^


2007-11-18 15:56:24

I thought Part 1 was great! I am really looking
forward to Part 2. Your a very good animator.

P.S. I am trying to submit a flash to the portal but
it keeps asking for a swf. image what is a swf.image
and where can I get one?

thewax70 responds:

There are 2 types of Flash files, fla and swf.
fla is the file you make a flash in, swf is the final product that viewers can watch and can not edit it.

To make a swf go to File>Export Movie.


2007-11-23 18:20:09

you may have noticed this before form me, but just incase...
Here's my opinion on characters in Sonic Halo 2

Sergant Johnson - Tails
Amy Rose - Cortana
Cream - Miranda Keyes
343 Guilty Spark - Cheese (Cream's Chao)

plz take that into consideration...

thewax70 responds:

Sargent Johnson - Vector
Amy Rose - Cortana
Princess Sally - Miranda Keyes
343 Guilty Spark is not in the next movie


2007-11-24 13:19:42

Sergant Johnson is VECTOR?????

come on!!

Tails should be it becuz sonic and tails are good friends, and MC and Sgt Johnson are friends, Vector and Sonic is a terrible match

thewax70 responds:

I see where your going but I don't see Tails as the cursing sergeant type, lol.


2007-11-24 17:56:47

I'm really looking forward to Sonic: Dark Chaos PT2. Your drawings are amazing, are you the cartoonist for Sonic X? You're one of my favorites, and you're also on my favorite artists list. I love how you're using the old school Sonic enemies in your movies. Nobody uses Silver Sonic in Sonic movies. One question, will Sonic become Hyper Sonic in your movie? If you ever heard of Hyper Sonic. Good luck with your movie.

thewax70 responds:

I won't be using Hyper Sonic in PT2. I won't have any type of super forms until part 3.


2007-11-24 19:14:03

Yeah, you're right when you say it like that.
The person who would be like that is Knuckles, but wait! HIS SPOT IS TAKEN!!!
Is Tails gonna be in it? if u want a good position for him, make him be Lord Hood.


2007-11-30 21:14:24

hi the best combiniation is sonic + halo = a sonic halo thanks for this GREAT COMBINATION FOREVER..



2007-12-07 15:26:09

How far are you on Sonic: Dark Chaos PT2 and Sonic shorts collection 2?
can't wait till they come out they rule bye, thanx


2007-12-08 14:57:20

Wasn't there going to be a Sonic Shorts Collection 2?

thewax70 responds:

I'm doing Sonic Shorts Collection 2 after Sonic Tribute Collab 2.


2007-12-15 00:48:51

i just wanna say, when i watched SDC pt1
I was looking for more action, something to give a person an adrenaline rush
plz add more action to part 2


2007-12-16 22:42:23

This will be pure awesomeness, can't wait dude!


2007-12-23 01:23:39

hi big fan of your work
this pic is awesome you should drawing for sonic X
D.A out
(P.S is sliver going to be in here too you know the new guy with spike in front.)

thewax70 responds:

Sorry he won't be in it. ^^;
The only characters that are appearing throughout the series are:
Sonic, Tails, Eggman, Shadow, Swatbots, Silver Sonic 2, and Metal Sonic.


2007-12-25 18:10:48

hey its me lol

um i fond some drum and base song (sounds like techno a bit) n/85046

maybe you could use its sound like good battle music
DA out


2008-01-08 23:42:21

How close is Sonic Dark Choas 2 to coming out?!!
i'm just so excited!! is it close to being done?

thewax70 responds:

Its still around the 30% complete. I've been to busy in my real life, lol. I don't have a deadline. But I can tell you it will be better then part 1.


2008-01-09 18:38:28

You are amazing! I wish I could draw like that on paper! let alone the computer.
One Question: in Fullmetal Sonic, who's that 1st robot in the line of 3? in front of Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic, you know. is that Mecha Sonic, and how come he isn't in the Dark Chaos series?

thewax70 responds:

Yes thats Mecha Sonic(the version from Archie Comics to be specific). I may use him in part 3.


2008-01-24 10:23:09



2008-03-04 21:10:02

can u get sum voice actors for it and your movies rok!


2008-05-25 08:44:10

Is Knuckles Going To Be In Any Sonic Things You Do?


2008-06-13 15:08:44

On the logo of the pic can you make the dark chaos red?It will look eviller.And I have a robot design I always had(The mecha bots)but if you tack out the robot skin of the face and give it another face (looks likes sonics face)and red eyes.Blue sharp hands,no detail on the stomik.And a funny acksent with that left arm can change in to an gun(as seen on sprite sheets)If you have a image of it can you add it to your top picther .And on your movies is really funny but i miss your funnies are you going to have more in your 4th on(fergot the name)


2009-02-10 11:56:33

OMFG Droids + silver sonic 2= this is hard for the hero sonic


2009-03-21 18:26:21



2009-06-12 19:43:36

Which one is Silver sonic? 2nd, 13th, or 14th?


2009-10-23 15:40:21

you r good keep it up ;)lol siver sonic


2010-11-19 09:54:29



2010-12-17 15:36:48

is this going to be action or comedey? like sonic shorts


2011-03-13 05:05:32

you realy have great skills in drawing the hedgehog himself!


2011-09-08 09:56:07

YOU ARE THE BEST DRAWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-11-30 17:18:59

wow que demais o cartaz da parte 2


2011-12-17 17:38:11

essa serie e um maximo !!!


2012-01-11 19:01:52

adoro essa serie (ilove this serie )


2013-08-29 20:30:00

will dark chaos have dark sonic ?


2013-12-12 13:25:00

are you almost ready?