Music for Dark Chaos 2

2007-09-12 04:11:51 by thewax70

I've been looking in the Newgrounds Audio Portal and I have found almost all the music I need for Sonic Dark Chaos: Part 2. But I can't seem to find any good songs for the Silver Sonic II battle. If anyone can point out a nice song for it please tell me. I'm looking for something either Techno, Heavy Metal, or Drum & Bass. I would really appreciate it.

Flash Completion:
Sonic:Dark Chaos Part 2- 6%
Sonic Halo:Part 2: 10%
Sonic Shorts Collection 2 - 35%
Sonic Tribute Collab 2- 56%

Dark Chaos Part 2 Concept Art: Dark Super Sonic

Music for Dark Chaos 2


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2007-09-12 04:29:32

check mine


2007-09-12 04:32:20

sorry for the second commeent but i recommend this music(mine) n/95866
it better then my other one

thewax70 responds:

That was pretty good!(Voted 5 for ya)

Unfortunately I don't think it would work well with the battle. It wasn't intense enough for it. But it was a very nice peace.


2007-09-12 05:38:18

I love "spirits of retribution", metal, from Lashmrush (i think it is his name). Really good for an epic batlle.

thewax70 responds:

lol, actually that was one of the songs I was going to use in Part 3. Your right, it is epic! ;D


2007-09-12 08:21:20

If you want something a little bit on the different side I'd try Death Wish from the Samurai Champloo sound track (its a heavy hip hop track, but could be quite hard to find) OR if you want something rather, rocky / dance id go for Prodigy's "wake the f*ck up" and If you want something thats just like, hard hitting metal with a bit of a beat id go for Mad capsule Market's "N-pulse" i hope this helps and if you need any of them (to try out) just message me on AIM and ill send em over


2007-09-12 11:55:57

I was check some songs on NG, and this is what I found good :)
( I dont anything about music genre ^^" ) n/67661 n/32207 n/93604
its hard find something ^^" , but If i can help you, I will try! But I know, You want something better ;)


2007-09-27 22:09:41

when is sonic halo 2 going to be out? you havnt even finished halo2 yet :( now theres halo 3!!!!!!!

thewax70 responds:

Sonic Halo 2 is paused in production right now. I'm going to stop at 2 because I want to do my own creative stuff after it.


2007-10-08 10:05:38

Why not Pendulum? It's got drum and bass, techno and guitars all at once. If anything, look up the song "Hold Your Colour" or "Blood Sugar".

thewax70 responds:

I can't seem to find Pendulum and Hold Your Colour , could you send me a link?
Blood Sugar is good but is not the type of song i'm looking for.

Thanks for the help though. ^^


2007-10-10 08:12:51 UGno&mode= related&search=

Just make sure it doesn't have the gap between the "=" and "related&search="

It's still probably not what you're looking for in any case. Thought I'd try!

thewax70 responds:

Its a great song but I don't think I can use it. ^^;
Thanks for the help though.


2007-10-17 01:18:51

Try mine! I got metal and one techno metal. try em! n/90711 n/90880 n/90744
Itd be VERY awsome if you accepted it! :)

thewax70 responds:

I think Dark and Brutal can be Dr. Robotniks theme. Great songs. ^^


2007-10-27 15:21:36

Dude, Dark Chaos is AWSOME & I also got a list of music you could use for Part 2:
(song = artist)
Paroxyzm = eggatron
S3 | Metal Madness = ChEsDeRmAn
The Unfiled Void = Xenogenocide
Ancient's Death = Manmademusic
-(WB)- Lava Reef Extinction
Sonic Advance 2 - True Area 53 = PaulStetich
PM me if this helps & good luck!

P.s.: How do you make youranimation?

thewax70 responds:

Those are some nice songs! When I get to the Silver Sonic II battle scene I'll see if it fits. ^^


2007-10-27 15:24:57

SORRY!! I forgotten to tell you, You can find those songs in my favourites!


2007-10-30 20:12:33

none of these songs are mine just some that might be good

i wonder if this would work? more relax good for transition between scenes battles n/97427

or what about this? more intense good for the start of the battle gets more intense and battle like during the end, good for combining n/49145

hmmm this? needs a little clean up kinda choppy fast and uproarious n/103514

probably not but here any way :P metal sonic emo kinda n/103516

Love your flashes all of them faved :P

thewax70 responds:

That "The Awakening" song could be used for the main menu. Nice find. :)


2007-11-02 16:13:49

Cany wait for the next sonic halo show man u are great at them


2007-11-03 16:05:05

Hi again im back and i found some more music, i just love to help :D

heres the first one, its techno and might be good in a chase scene it could be sped up a bit n/80422

kind of like the last one its alternitive n/100447

this one is kind of one that could be used in a transition and the begining of the battle not my favorite but good n/16350

i really like this one it would be great for either the battle with metal sonic or even dark sonic trasformation n/99718

this song is very good great for trasformation or a hardcore bttle finisher n/92507

this isn't so much good for a battle scene but is good for a talking scene right before the battle or at the beginning of the battle n/96175

this song is very techno dont know what it would be good for but check it out anyway n/38349

till next time i will keep seaching hope you like the music
-SonicFoxStrk :P

thewax70 responds:

The Unfilled Void by Xenogenocide is a song I could use, heck most of Xenogenocide's work I could use, lol.
nice finds. ;)


2007-11-09 14:00:58

Sry I Dont Really Have Songs But I Just Want To Say That U R Great And I Love Ur Work And BTW My Little Bro Draws Sonic Can U See His Drawings And Tell Him Some Stuff(Like Where Its Good And What To Try And Do Better)Ty Iil Really Appreciate It

thewax70 responds:

sure, I can give some tips.


2007-11-11 01:01:16

back again and better than ever (well kinda... you'll be the judge of that)
SonicFoxStrk your personal song hunter :P XD

any way i found this under a random persons favs and it caught my eye, good fight seen and chase seen material and also never been used yet!!! :) n/89666

this one is very strong not sure what genre it is but it seems rock/metal but it is good for battle, check it!! n/5398

this on is a loop, its called caveman but it seem good for maybe good for chase you probably won't use it but listen to it anyway could be used n/5414

this song is good as an awakening theme of a bad ass or very dark character or it could probably be used for credits (if so then it may need to be looped it's kinda short) enjoy n/97437

this song says its classical but doesn't sound it to me!! could also be used for credits or a theme for a "to be continued" part leading right into credits... also good for a come back during the end of the battle, but its your decision how to use the song!! XD n/105435

i like it unfortunately don't know what it could be used for well anyway check it out you might just like it!!!! ^^ n/101601

here take this for the heck of it, you might like it but you might not want to use it because it was in the well know game "Ignito Pulse" n/94798

hope you like the music!! though I'm starting to run out of ideas for songs, if there are any other songs you'd like me to find music for just tell me!! or if you want to find music for a scene that you don't want everyone to know about just yet, pm me i'd be glad to help!! By giving me the details, i always can find better music, it makes it easier to match up the scenes to the music in my head
well anyway sry to write so much ^^;
until next time...
-SonicFoxStrk out!!! see ya :P XD

thewax70 responds:

Thank you very much for finding all these great songs. I'll put you in the credits for helping me with finding the music :)

I now have all the songs I need for Dark Chaos PT2.


2008-02-18 16:28:54

i have the right one its called his world but i carnt find it on new grounds, only you tube. soz but i can try and buy i for ya


2008-10-27 22:06:25

will they talk in the 2nd one?


2009-01-07 18:52:58 that an eyebrow?


2009-01-13 18:11:42

um you could try slipknot spit it out or people = shit


2009-01-13 18:13:28

but if your looking for techno u could try spitfire by the prodigy


2009-02-10 11:54:20

i know its the dark energy of super sonic


2009-03-02 10:06:55

just like take a while sonic dark chaos 2 but will be out???


2009-03-21 18:25:23



2009-06-12 19:45:25

How about this? rbmG8 it can be when sonic fights the robots.


2009-06-13 10:16:21

Forget my last one how about this? n/201972


2009-06-24 15:26:46

I think this song is perfect 'cause its kinda tragic & stuff 9cA1M


2010-08-15 20:44:31

dark sonic?


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