Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2

2007-08-21 06:00:28 by thewax70

I'm going to start Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2 soon, but it wont be done for awhile. I'm gonna start looking for music for Part 2 now on newgrounds. While the Metal Sonic battle had techno music, Silver Sonic II will have heavy metal music due to the fact that Silver Sonic II has a arsenal up his sleeve. Remember, don't expect this movie anytime soon.

Meanwhile Sonic Halo 2 will be delayed for awhile. Also Sonic Tribute Collab 2 may come out soon and Sonic Shorts Collection 2 will be collaboration effort but I won't get into the details of that until Sonic Tribute Collab 2 is done. Thats all for now, later!

Flash Completion:
Sonic:Dark Chaos Part 2- 5%
Sonic Halo:Part 2: 10%
Sonic Shorts Collection 2 - 35%
Sonic Tribute Collab 2- 55%

Silver Sonic II Concept Art:

Sonic: Dark Chaos Part 2


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2007-08-21 14:20:05

just watched your latest cartoon, wow... amasing, has to be one of the most stylish things ive seen in ages, also its good to see more things from you (as you seem to be one of the only people that dosent throw sonic into a DBZ spin off) once again excellent work and i look forward to seeing more


2007-08-21 15:12:34

Very cool, I love some of your work. Just woundering, how can i get into the sonic Tribute collab 2? just get bac to me on that 1.

thewax70 responds:

Sonic Tribute Collab 2 is currently full, if anyone drops out of it I'll let you know.


2007-08-24 16:09:36

Great flash, just saw your Dark Chaos part one (I usually pass up on sonic and etc because they suck, but you made it great) If you dont mind send me a PM or anything when your flash is finished, althought im sure that it will be frontpage when you release it ;) GL


2007-08-26 20:29:28

Great job man, I aspecially liked the design of the ship, kinda like triangulater meets star destroyer meets swat bot


2007-09-08 07:23:41

hey did you get my idea what i sent you i think that was a good idea

thewax70 responds:

Yeah I got it. It was a good idea. But I already have the story all planned out so I can't use it. ^^;


2007-10-21 10:03:49

hey thewax are you gonna use something of my idea what i onse send you to your mail? do you? im so excited about the new one im just asking did you use my ideas? one of those? send me to my mail okey if yes


2007-10-21 10:04:31

ups didn notice the messeage down there well okey


2008-01-24 10:20:25

YES!! Heavvy metal!! Even with only that messege, I know that it`s gonna be a GREAT movie!!


2008-10-09 11:47:12

Which metal sonic is that?


2009-02-10 11:51:14

┬┐Its a good idea put silver sonic 2?


2009-03-21 18:24:59



2009-09-01 19:43:49

Dark Chaos was FANTASTIC!!
U have style for Sonic movies, I can't wait for part 2!!


2010-02-13 15:55:37

that is great. not great i mean great great great.


2010-08-17 05:53:49

cant you make it any faster? IM SO FACKING EXITED TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-09-08 09:58:23



2012-06-04 11:47:16

cool !