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2007-08-15 07:33:10 by thewax70

I am currently working on my next big project, Sonic: Dark Chaos. Its a 4 part story about Sonic being overwhelmed by the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds. Part 1 is a battle against Sonic and Metal Sonic. I have been working on this project in between my other flash movies so its been a long time in production. You may see it in the next month or two if I don't get lazy.

Meanwhile Sonic Halo 2 will be delayed for awhile until I get this done. Also Sonic Tribute Collab 2 may come out before Dark Chaos and Sonic Shorts Collection 2 will be collaboration effort but I won't get into the details of that until Sonic Tribute Collab 2 is done. Thats all for now, later!

Flash Completion:
Sonic:Dark Chaos Part 1-85%
Sonic Halo:Part 2: 10%
Sonic Shorts Collection 2 - 35%
Sonic Tribute Collab 2- 55%

Image Preview of Sonic: Dark Chaos-

Coming Soon


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2008-09-18 13:51:47

mmmmmm nobody commented here? o well your sonic flashes are awesome :D


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