Favorite Audio

{Blaze} Techno Song
Madness7 Techno Song
Forsaken Neon Techno Song
~Final Countdown~ Techno Song
Rig - Open the Gates (loop) Techno Loop
{Firestorm} Techno Song
{Lazy Summer Days} Trance Song
Evil-Dog - High Speed Crash Heavy Metal Song
Salvation Eternal--_-- Drum N Bass Song
Rise to Fall--_--FULL Classical Song
Goukisan - Rock Orchestra2 General Rock Song
B-S - Made in plastic loop Drum N Bass Loop
eAR RApeR Drum N Bass Song
DnB Dukeout Break Loop Drum N Bass Loop
*Burnin' Love* // ZeRo BaSs Dance Song
Sonic Advance 2 - True Area 53 Video Game Song
Ancient's Death Techno Song
The Unfilled Void Heavy Metal Song
S3 | Metal Madness Video Game Song
The Unfathomable Cycle of Life Heavy Metal Song
Legions of the underworld Heavy Metal Song
Winter Storm Heavy Metal Song
Sonic 3 - Ice Cap METALIZED! Heavy Metal Loop
S&K - Flying Battery METALIZED Heavy Metal Loop
Khuskan - Elevator music 2007 Jazz Loop
D-e-t-e-c-t-i-o-n Miscellaneous Song
Kim - Blood Field *DEMO* Video Game Song
Sonic 3 credits - reworking Video Game Song
Eat My Stardust Trance Song
Memories (Sonic 2 Ending) Video Game Loop
Sonic 2 - Sky Chase Zone Video Game Loop
Eggmans theme DR Remix Trance Song
Sonic Advance 3 Chaos Angel Video Game Song
Sonic Advance: Angel Island Video Game Song
Sphere Globe Trance Song
Mega Man X2 - Flame Stag Stage Video Game Song
Stranger in Mobius Video Game Song
~|Man with the Machine Gun|~ Video Game Song
Sonic Adv. 3- Chaos Angel Act1 Video Game Song
[StarFox Corneria] -Zero- Video Game Song
*+*+Frog's Song+*+* Video Game Song
-Invaders- Techno Song
Winterbliss Trance Song
~Inspiration~ -hania Classic Rock Song
Sonic Boss Compilation Video Game Song
Sonic Spinball-LavaPowerhouse2 Video Game Song
Flying battery 50N1k570Rm mix Video Game Song
Mystic Cave - Sonic 2 Video Game Song
_-={The Deads Witness}=-_ Classical Song
_-={He's a Pirate Dance Remix Classical Song
B0UNC3 - 7:30 Previews Dance Song
B0UNC3 - Distorted realit Dance Song
Smbz: The Big Brawl Techno Song
Metalman - Metal Dance Video Game Song
Abyss of No Limits Techno Song
*Atomic Trigger 3* / ZeRo BaSs Dance Song
The Flame Revolution Techno Song
Milk{Sytrus!} Dance Song
*Darkest Shadow* / ZeRo BaSs Dance Song
Guitar Challenge - Bad Man Inc Heavy Metal Song
»§« Coming Home Heavy Metal Song
Marbled Beaches Trance Song
~EnV~Heaven Rd. 3 Dance Song
Diamond Dust Act 1 Video Game Song
Entrance Me (Original Mix) Trance Song
[TMM43]Heal Trance Song
Iridion3d - Over the Clou Video Game Song
Iridion 3D - Below the Cl Video Game Song
Sonic 3 Final Boss (xsakux) Video Game Song
Erectronik - Pleasure Angel Dance Song
*I'm A Raver* // ZeRo BaSs Dance Song
Phase 23 (Dj Sonik Original) Dance Song
Siege Wily's Castle!-Rockman 9 Video Game Song
Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot Heavy Metal Song
Assertive Mood _ RR Techno Song